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Have you ever had that nagging feeling deep down inside of knowing there was more to life?

Have you thought that the people who have it all are just the ‘Lucky’ or ‘Chosen’ ones?

Well…Did you know the odds of you being born are 1 in 400 Trillion!?(YES! Really ….Google it.) It wasn’t just by chance that you were put here and it isn’t by chance that you are sitting here reading this. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason even if you don’t see it right now or right away. I’m here to show you how to live a life lived on purpose and how life can happen for you and not just to you.

A little bit about how life used to look for me :

  • Terminal Cancer Survivor – On my 15th Birthday I was diagnosed  with Ewing Sarcoma a rare and aggressive bone cancer that started in my pelvis and metastasized all over my body including my right leg, entire stomach and completely filling up my lungs. I was given less than a 23% chance of making it. I went through a little over a year of chemo therapy, 16 rounds of radiation and well over 30 surgeries. Also spending month after month learning how to walk again.
  • Rough Childhood
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Homelessness
TRUST ME when I say there isn’t just ‘chosen lucky ones’ or a certain group of people who just have it all.
Adversity has no prejudice and hits us all from time to time. It is how we grow and become who we are and it is your duty no matter what you have been through to find the answers , to tell your story and help others!

How my life looks now…..

  • Mom to two

  • Top Rank in My Network Marketing Business

  • Hitting Leaderboards

  • Featured in ‘Mompreneurs in Network Marketing’

  • Receiving awards on Stage

  • Hanging out and Masterminding with the Best in the Industry.